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Are laser hair restoration treatments safe?

The answer is yes, every laser hair restoration treatment that we provide here at our clinic has been clinically proven and FDA approved.

Can laser hair restoration treatments damage my hair?

No, the treatment will never damage your hair shafts, it works with cold level lasers designed to restore the follicle.

How often do I need to have laser hair restoration treatments?

To begin with you would have 2 x 30 minute treatments a week for the first month, and then for the remaining 8 months it would be 1 x 30 minute session per week. After you have finished your 9 month programme you would then continue to have top up sessions which is up to the customers discretion.

When will I start to see results?

Everyone will vary when it comes to seeing results but the average is 12-16 weeks, however some may see results sooner and some later.

I have only just noticed my hair starting to thin so when shall I start to think about having treatment?

The quicker you start to tackle the problem the easier it is to solve so as soon as you start to notice any thinning or shedding of the hair we advise you to act upon it before the problem gets worse. We always recommend that the problem should be treated within the first 6 years for optimum results.

What happens if I am not suitable for laser hair restoration treatment?

If you are unsuitable for any reason to have laser hair restoration treatments then its not an issue we also provide hair replacement systems and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) here at the clinic so there is always other options available.

Are hair replacement systems like wigs?

No, hair replacement systems are an advanced alternative to wigs and there are many pros to having a system rather than a wig which can be found here.

I am suffering with severe alopecia, does this mean I wont be able to have laser hair restoration?

Not necessarily, it depends on the type of alopecia – most can be treated and this can be determined in your free consultation.

Do hair re-growth shampoos and conditioners really work?

Regards to the over the counter products that are available in any high street store the answer is probably no, however here at the clinic we sell clinically proven, FDA approved medical ranges that are proven to help restore the hair and accelerate the performance of the laser hair restoration.

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